Body Process Workshop

This course offers a grounded introduction to understanding and working therapeutically with body process. Whilst being aimed at practicing therapists and advanced students who wish to work more holistically, it is also an excellent opportunity for personal development.

Over the two days of the workshop you will create a toolbox of skills, techniques and knowledge that will help you to gain confidence in working safely with body. This will include assessing and evaluating your clients through their posture, contracting for bodywork and safe touch with your clients as well as considering your own safety and wellbeing as a therapist.

The best way to learn and understand how to work with your clients in this way is to have had some experience of it yourself first. Through the use of experiential exercises you will learn various ways to work safely and to recognise and then help release trapped energies and blockages that would otherwise have adverse effects on the mind, body and soul.

Having an awareness of body language can help you to understand your client’s implicit processes more fully, allowing you and your client to open up a dialogue with your client’s inner thoughts and feelings. During this workshop you will acquire some basic body language knowledge which will enrich you in communicating with clients and in the wider world.

Cost: £PoA

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Working With Clients Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

As therapists, at some point in our career it is inevitable that we will encounter adult clients who have been through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

This gentle workshop encourages the exploration of sensitive yet powerful ways of helping the client to move safely though the resulting trauma, into a space of healing and release.

Cost: £PoA

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One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil.

Domestic Violence & Abuse

A workshop where you will learn the indicators for domestic violence and abuse and how to work usefully with victims and families who are affected by domestic violence.

Cost: £PoA

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Breathing is something that many of us often take for granted, although it is something we do every moment of our lives. Our breath is closely connected to our emotions and can be a direct expression of them. However, this is can be a two way relationship and we can learn to express our emotions and take control via our breath.

As a therapist, to notice the client's breath patterns and rhythms is often the key to their implicit processes. It can guide therapist and client to what the client is feeling on a deeper level. By working with the client's (and our own) breath, processes can start to emerge and evolve.

By coming on this workshop you will be spending a day learning about the relationship between yourself as a therapist, your client, and their breath.

Cost: £PoA

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Working with Anger

Anger is healthy, yet expression of anger in our society is often frowned upon, thought of as unhealthy and discouraged. This leads to suppression or inappropriate expression of anger. Some clients come to therapy to directly deal with anger, but often the client may have come to deal with grief, relationship problems or other issues, and as the therapeutic process advances, anger emerges.

This workshop will explore anger, and how as therapists we can best facilitate our clients to explore and express their anger without fear or prejudice.

Cost: £PoA

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Eco Therapy

Working outdoors in nature with clients can be as basic as moving forward by walking while you talk or can include creating pictures or sculptures from found things.

This workshop has been created to give you ideas which you can immediately put into practice with your clients.

Cost: £PoA

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Making the Implicit Explicit

One of the main goals of counselling is to enable our clients to make the implicit explicit. This workshop shows methods of working with the body, mind and emotions to reveal our clients unconscious emotional patterns of relating to the world around them; by doing this, we enable our clients to fulfil their full potential.

Cost: £PoA

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Working With Trauma

Many clients come to counselling because they have experienced some kind of trauma, whether this is because of abuse in childhood or adulthood, war, terrorism, accidents, illness, surgery, a difficult birth or a difficult or humiliating experience.

This workshop explores how trauma affects the mind and body and how, as therapists, we can work with client's who have experienced trauma.

Cost: £PoA

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Further Details

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Comments from past participants

A very worthwhile and fulfilling day.
Really valuable session, well presented - Thank you.
I really enjoyed the day. I found it very useful, practical and well paced. We covered a lot in a short time and I came away with a lot of good ideas for practice.
Great presentation, loads of information, very useful and practical.
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